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Superconducting Coaxial Cable Assemblies
(0. 085" type Nb-Nb Superconducting Coaxial Cable Assemblies)

Model No. UPJ06

Cryogenic superconducting coaxial cable assembly with niobium conductor,
recognized by research institutions all over the world.

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Operating frequency is available up tp 66GHz.
Minimum bend radius: 30mm


* Measurements were taken with 1 m lead cables on both input/ output ends.
* Measurements were taken after superconducting coaxial cables became completely super conductive.

Variation of insertion loss with frequency(4K,10mK)

This is an extract of a part of the ETH Zürich's paper on measurement results using KEYCOM products(Page 9 of 15).
Source: Philipp Kurpiers, Theodore Walter,Paul Magnard,Yves Salathe and Andreas Wallraff
Department of Physics,ETH Zürich, Zürich,CH-8093,Switzerland
"Characterizing the attenuation of coaxial and rectangular microwave-frequency waveguides at cryogenic temperatures"  

Pulse transmission characteristics of 10m superconducting delay line (including the lead part)

*In superconducting state

Main specifications

Part No. Max. frequency(GHz) External conductor Dielectric Internal conductor Heat Quantity
Min. Bending Radius
Available Connectors
NbNb085 66GHz Outer Diameter
Material Outer Diameter
Material Outer Diameter
Material 4K-20K
2.20 Nb 1.62 Foamed
0.51 Nb 3.3 70.0 SMA, APC2.9,
APC2.4, APC1.85
*Heat quantity required for one end of 10 cm long cable (excluding connectors) to reach 20 K or 100 K when 4 K heat anchor is applied to the other end of the cable.

Connector type SMA 2.9mm(K) 2.4mm 1.8mm(V)
Max. frequency(GHz) 18.5 40 or (46) 50 60 or (65)

Part No.

NbNb085A - K(m)K(f) - 1000
Cable type Connector name Connector phase front length (mm)
max. 1000mm
0.085" type
Applicable connectors - SMA, APC2.9(k), APC2.4, V
A crimping connection is standard.