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Superconducting Coaxial Cable Assemblies
(0. 085" type Nb-Nb Superconducting Coaxial Cable Assemblies)

Model No. UPJ06
Cryogenic superconducting coaxial cable assembly with niobium conductor,
recognized by research institutions all over the world.


Operating frequency is DC - 40GHz by default, but available up tp 65GHz upon request.
Minimum bend radius: 30mm


* Measurements were taken with 1 m lead cables on both input/ output ends.
* Measurements were taken after superconducting coaxial cables became completely super conductive.

Part No.

NbNb085A - K(m)K(f) - 1000
Cable type Connector name Connector phase front length (mm)
max. 1000mm
0.085" type
Applicable connectors - SMA, APC2.9(k), APC2.4, V
A crimping connection is standard.