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Multilayer plate Simulation software for making designs of emblem and radome

Model No. SFW05
With this software, you can simulate transmission attenuation amount of multilayer plate (max. 4layers) by using permittivity (εr' ) and permeability (μr') ! You can set angles of incidence, TM and TE wave. It is optimal simulation software for making designs of emblems !!

This is a simulation software of transmission attenuation and reflection attenuation amount to make designs of emblems etc.. By setting permittivity and/or permeability of the materials which you will use, it graphs the relation of thickness of material and transmission / reflection attenuation amount in real-time. A horizontal axis of the graph shows thickness of material, a vertical axis - attenuation amount.
* when an angle of incidence is except vertical, permittivity is shown as an effective dielectric constant.


Simulation sample