KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.


Model No. NWS



Automotive Testing Expo 2018


International Microwave Symposium (IMS2018)
Booth # 1438

The Pennsylvania Convention Center at 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Tuesday, 12 June 09:30 to 17:00
Wednesday, 13 June 09:30 to 17:00
Thursday, 14 June 09:30 to 15:00


11   We received a letter of Appreciation from the National Research and Development Agency "Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)"
We participated in the project of " Vertically laser transmission experiment for practical application of Space-Based Solar Power Generation".
The experiment of 200m transmission range was successfully done the first time in the world.
We also made efforts to achive this experiment and for this contribution, we received a letter of Appreciation from JAXA.
Regarding this experinet, please find an article in the following web page of JAXA.


5   Exhibition;
IMS2015 (International Microwave Symposium)

Place: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: 17-22 May 2015
Booth number: 1229


6   Exhibition;
IMS2014 (International Microwave Symposium)
Place: Tampa Bay, Florida
Date: 1-6 June 2014
Booth number: 1553


6   Exhibition;
IMS 2013 ( International Microwave Symposium )
Place: Seattle, Washington USA 98101-2350
Date: June 2-7 2013
(Exhibition Date ) June 4-6  2013
Booth Number : 1038

Imaging radar presented at the Micro Apps Theater.
"76.5GHz Imaging Radar for Detecting Strong Reflection from the Rear of an Automobile Traveling Ahead76.5GHz Imaging Radar for Detecting Strong Reflection from the Rear of an Automobile Traveling Ahead"
Date: June 6(Thu) 2013, 11:50~
4   KEYCOM's "High Frequency Magnetic Measurement System from 100kHz to 10GHz" has been awarded the ICF11 New Product &Novel Technology Award at The 11th International Conference on Ferrites(ICF11.)


11   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2012
Place: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition hall-D
Booth number: B102
Date: November 28, 2012 (Wed) - November 30, 2012 (Fri) 10:00 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)
Seminar: November 29, 2012 (Thu) 14:30~15:15
Imaging-type RCS Measurement, Moving Target, Pre-crash Evaluation System for Collision Avoidance Radar Development

10   Lecture:
“Basics of electromagnetic wave and material selection for electromagnetic wave absorbers, as well as its evaluation method”
Date: October 22, 2012 (Mon) 11:00~16:30

8   Acquired ISO9001

2   Publication:
RF World No. 17 (Feb. 1, 2012 issue)
“Using electromagnetic simulator” Masato Inoue


11   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2011
Place: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition hall-D
Booth number: A405
Date: November 30, 2011 (Wed) - December 2, 2011 (Fri) 10:00 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)

10   The 35rd Annual Conference on MAGNETICS in Japan
Place: Toki Messe, Niigata Convention Center
Date: September 27, 2011(Tue) - 30日(Fri)

9   KEYCOM's 20th Anniversary

5   Publication:
SURFASE TECH 2011 VOL.62 No.5 (May 1. 2011 issue)
“The Latest evaluation technique for electromagnetic wave shields・electromagnetic wave absorbers” Hirosuke Suzuki

2   Publication:
Transistor Technology, March (February 10, 2011 issue)


12   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2010
Place: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition hall-A, B
Booth number: A301
Date: December 08, 2010 (Wed) - December 10, 2011 (Fri) 10:00 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)
7   Exhibition:
“MARS – Why is Mars red? – ”
The University Museum, The University of Tokyo
Date: July 24, 2010 ~ October 30, 2010

5   Exhibition:
The 59th Society of Polymer Science Japan (SPSJ)


11   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2009
Place: Pacifico Yokohama
Date: November 25 - 27, 2009  10:00 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)


11   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2008
Place: Pacifico Yokohama
Date: November 26 - 28, 2008  10:00 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)

5   Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi " Microwave measurment of complex permittivity of a sheet material under test sandwiched between sheet metal and a calibrated stripline resonator " 2008 IEEE IշMTC,Victoria,canada paper#1569085274,Tue_20 12-15 May 2008

5   Shigeru Takeda,Hirosuke Suzuki " Measurement System of FMR Line width ΔHw using Shorted Stripline " Inter mag 2008, 4-8 May Madrid

5   2008Asia-Pacific Symposium on EMC & 19th International Zurich Symposium on Electromagnetic Company (May 19-22, 2008 Singapore)
Industrial Forum
Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi, Masato Inoue and Shigeru Takeda
"EMI Evaluation of a Cell phone without an Anechoic Chamber"


11   Microwave Workshops & Exhibition 2007
Place: Pacifico Yokohama
Date: November 28 - 30, 2007  10:30 ~ 17:30 (Last day: ~ 17:00)
10   New product:
Radar Alignment System, (RAS) SM5899

7   Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi, Masato Inoue, Shigeru Takeda
" Radiation Suppression Ratio Measurment of Noise Suppression sheet by Compact 3m Method " paper#137 EMC Zurich 2007 24-28 Sept.2007


4   We exhibited the following products in TECHNO-FRONTIER/EMC JAPAN 2006/The 19th Solutions for Electromagnetic Interference Exhibition.
*Date & Time
April 19 (Wed) - 21 (Fri) 2006 (3 days), 10:00-17:00 on each day.
Makuhari Messe KEYCOM booth No. 5359

(1) Compact EMC / EMI measurement with no necessity of an anechoic chamber in accordance with 3 m method.
(2) Electromagnetic absorption ratio measurement system
(3) Highly-accurate measurement system of relative permittivity, dielectric loss tangent and permeability. (ultra-thin films, 0.1 μm, in millimeter wave field)
(4) Wide band high-power 200W amplifier/wideband antenna

(1) EMC/EMI measurement system with no necessity of an anechoic chamber in accordance with 3 meter method, using advanced antenna technology and characteristic measurement technique (size, 60 x 60 x 120 cm).
(2) Far-field Noise-suppression-sheet measurement system in far field with no necessity of an anechoic chamber, applying to IEC for authorization as a standard.
(3) Useful for the development of EMC solutions. It can measure either the film used in a flexible PWB or the multi layered films. [Measurement accuracy: εr, ±1%; tanδ, ±3%, with liquid, fine particle, and solid, in the 1 kHz-110 GHz frequency range]
Tanδ of materials whose dielectric loss is extremely low can be measured in high accuracy.
(4) We can corresponds to the requirements of high-power and wideband for the immunity measurements with various kinds and quick delivery.

1   We exhibited to International Electric Components Trade Show 2006 a part of Internepcon Japan

#Date & Time      
January 18 (Wed) - 20(Fri) 2006 (3days), 10:30-17:00 on each day.
Tokyo Big Sight east hall
International Electric Components Trade Show 2006 a part of Internepcon Japan
EMC-Noise Reduction zone KEYCOM booth No. 44-002
#Corporate seminar   
12:20-13:20 on Friday, 20th January at C hall
"Electromagnetic absorption ratio (near-field noise control sheet - IEC standard being applied for-/far-field electromagnetic absorption sheet etc.)Method of evaluating permittivity (ultra thin film/solid/fine particle/liquid etc.) and permeability"
#Method of measuring necessary electromagnetic absorption ratio for performance improvement of cellular phone, RF tag, and ETC system, etc. And permittivity measurement method of ultra thin film of PWB.

It is now possible to include all our EMC products on the list of regular products: these have been individually produced to order by customers until now.
So this time we first exhibited our products at the International Electronic Components Trade Show 2006 (a part of InterNepcon Japan EMC-Noise Reduction Zone). Only our newly released products are listed in our standard product list.

#Examples of our exhibition products
NEW! : System for measuring half bandwidths of ferromagnetic resonance and magnetic field saturation.
* Useful for noise reduction: it is a system that measures magnetic properties and, as such, it is indispensable for the development of low-noise devices such as circulators and isolators.
System for measuring relative permittivity, dielectric loss tangent and permeability.
* Useful for the development of EMC action products: It can measure either single-layer films having a flexible PWB or multi layered films. It is also capable of measuring samples having ultra low dielectric loss tangents (tan ?) to a degree of high accuracy.


11 *We exhibited in Microwave Exhibition 2005
Microwave Exhibition 2005 guide(PDF))  KEYCOM booth map(PDF))  Free permittivity measurement experience guide(PDF)

#Date & Time
November 9 (Wed) - 11(Fri) 2005 (3days), 13:00-17:00 on each day.
KEYCOM booth B605 in Pacifico Yokohama exhibition hall D, Microwave Exhibition 2005
#Corporate seminar
November 11th 13:00-13:50 at A hall.
"Type of measuring method of permittivity and permeability, principle, and feature"
#Microwave Exhibition 2005 KEYCOM HP

"Microwave Exhibition 2005" is held in Pacifico Yokohama this year. In this exhibition, we will exhibit the product of KEYCOM Ltd. by the following content. And we will hold "Free permittivity measurement experience (with data sheet)" which we announce on another page, we welcome your visiting our booth. Moreover, Moreover, we would explain about "type of measuring method of permittivity and permeability, principle, and feature" in a corporate seminar. It would be greatly appreciated if you could come. Our best regards in the future please.

#Exhibition products
*Permittivity and permeability measurement system(thin film and free space)
*ΔH measurement system(for design such as circulator and isolator)
*Electromagnetic absorption ratio measurement system(near-field and far-field)
*Radar and radar evaluation system(millimeter wave and micro wave)
*Range meter and level meter(millimeter wave and micro wave)
*Confirmation system in container(millimeter wave and micro wave)
*Test fixture(millimeter wave and micro wave)
*CryoElectronic system and parts(heat insulation, superconducting, and vacuum)
*Special cable
#Feature of exhibition product
*Permittivity/dielectric constant" and "tan δ" such as films (3μm thickness) and small chips (1mm square) can measure high accuracy.
*It measures the absorption ratio of the microwave absorber with a dynamic range of 55dB or more.
It also can measure accuracy with diagonal incident of 80 degrees. Besides this, we have near-field type electromagnetic absorption measurement system for the cellular phone, too.
*When radar for the automobile is set up in the backs such as the bumper, the covers, and the redome, "permittivity" and "thickness" should be made the best. 'Penetration attenuation measurement system' enables them.
*Radar for the level meter' can be measured up to error of measurement ±20mm.
*Electric characteristic" of a PWB and electronic parts can measured up to 110GHz.

10 * We presented these product reports in a poster session of The 35th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), held in Paris (France) from 4 to October as the core of European Microwave Week 2005.

6 *We exhibited in 2005.IEEE MTT-S INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM/EXHIBITION. "The Flagship of Microwaves"  (KEYCOM Booth : 337)
We also exhibited in Long Beach, California, USA / June 12-17, 2005 2005.IEEE MTT-S INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM/EXHIBITION. "The Flagship of Microwaves"  (KEYCOM Booth : 337)
Long Beach, California, USA / June 12-17, 2005

3 The method of measuring the reflectivity of the microwave absorber of the keycom became an electronic telecommunication society standard. I will announce that by above-mentioned IEEE IMS2005 session.

IMS2005 Measurement Systems for Homeland Security, Contraband Det4ection and Parsonal Safty
Orlando, FL, USA / March 29-30, 2005 (KEYCOM; 30 march, at 2.30pm)


11 The sale of "Penetration attenuation and phase change method permittivity and
permeability measurement system" began.
If neither the material nor the thickness of the bumper are made appropriate when there is a bumper in front of the car collision prevention radar, the problem that the amount of attenuation increases can be solved. Please inquire details.

4 The permittivity measurement system that was able to measure the permittivity in 300MHz was developed (perturbation method). Please inquire details.

3 KEYCOM re-evaluated characteristics of NbTi(Niobium Titanium) super- conducting coaxial cables. Then it has been found that the NbTi cables have very high performances and utility especially at 4k(Kelvin) below at the heat slope.
* Heat-conductivity is ultimately low. A 1/3000 that of copper and a 1/300 of Nb(Niobium)
* High durability of use up to 14T(Tesla) in the strong electromagnetic

2 The antenna of the key com is evaluated high.
・20 antennas were delivered to the Defense Agency (Air Self-Defense

1 Developed New Shield Effect Measurement System.
- Shield Box Mode Shield Effect System for Sheets
* Shield Effect measurement system is one of the items KEYCOM has been making every effort to develop. -Coaxial Tube Type Shield Effect Measurement System for Sheets(for far-field)
-Waveguide Type Shield Effect Measurement System for Sheets -Shield Effect Measurement System for Cables(based on MIL-C-85485A)

Month News
12 Exhibited our products at MW2003 held at Pacifico Yokohama.
11 Scheduled to exhibit our products at MW2003 to be held at Pacifico Yokohama.
9 At Nigata Society Event Meeting Keycom reported on " Characratics of reflection of asphalt road surface aganist wireless communications".
(Article No.A-17-17)
9 Launched the sales of Ellipsometry mode systems useful for measurements of Millimeterwave permittivity and permeability.
7 Launched the sales of Shield Effect Measurement System for cables.
7 At Nippon Free-Radical Institute held at Tokyo Engineering University Keycom disclosed ESR equipment for W band(94GHz), X band(10GHz) and L
band(700MHz) and have started marketing them.
4 94GHz Helium-Free type Millimeterwave ESR equipment on sale.
Helium is no required to use. Maintenance free.
3 Announced Perturbation mode as a mesurement method for permittivity.
1 Started selling Millimeter・Microwave Test Fixtures. 2002
Month News
12 There are 2 kinds of fixtures which are the one measuring patterns of the specimen from the edges of both ends and the other probing type probing the inside of the patterns.
12 Received a certicate of appreciation from High Energy Accelerator Research Organsation for contributions to construct B factory test facilities and to improve its quality for achievement of world highest perfomances.
12 The following articles appeared in Electronics Informaiton Communications Institute Articles magazine. -Nematic Liquid Crystal dielectric measurement at 10KHz-40KHz and applications for variable delay line. -A special article: Current status and future outlook of Organic Molecule Electronics C Vl.J85-CNo.2pp. 1149-1158 De. 2002
11 Participated the following events at APMC2002 held at Kyoto International Conference Room -Industry Seminor (Millimeter wave εr, μr measurements and Millimeter wave absorption material measurement methods) -Exhibition of Keycom products
7 Added the following 3 items to Electric Wave Absorption Reflection Attenuation measurement equipments
- For heavy electric wave absorption object such as concrete
- For various types of surfaces such as wall, corrugated paper.
- For Millimeter wave
7 The following subjects were adopted as creative models in Scientific Technology Promotion Industry Services. -Development of Helium- Free High Magnetic Field Electro Spin Resonator with Superconductive Magnet used.
6 Started the sales of the following millimeter wave components as light modulation uses.
-50GHz DC cut 10KHz-50GHz
-50GHz Bias T 10KHz-50GHz
-Millimeter wave filter

And the following products which have been on sale are listed below. -Millimeter Wave Easy Formal Coaxial Cable Assembly -Millimeter Wave Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly -Millimeter Wave Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable Assembly -Dielectric Wave Guide -Dielectric Lens