KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Transmission attenuation measurement system

Model No. rts
With KEYCOM's measurement systems, it is easy to measure the attenuation of radar waves at each frequency when they pass through a radome or cover. They can be installed in production lines for emblems, plastic films, etc. Please contact us if you need PLC support.

1. Radome, Emblem, Radar cover evaluation

1-1-1.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System [EES01A]
  One-way type, applicable to production line
  1-1-2.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System  [EES04]
  One-way type, varaiable sample setting angle
Quick evaluation and radar alignment
(less than 2 seconds)
・Aligning automotive radar etc.,
・Evaluating material characteristics
(insertion loss and beam tilt)
  Based on basic performance of EES-01A, the system can adjust setting angle of sample, both in horizontal and vertical direction.
1-2-1.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System [EES12-01]
  Two-way type, variable sample setting angle/position
  1-2-2.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System  [EES12-02]
  Two-way type, applicable to production line
The system can measure transmission attenuation and tilt angle of each irradiation point on the sample such as an emblem in the following cases.

(1)when the sample moves in any direction (Azimath, Range, Elevation)
(2)when the sample rotates vertically and horizontally

  Simplified version of EES-12-01, fit for mass production line.
The whole measurement process can be automated from picking up an emblem, measurement, to returning it to the original position.
1-3-1.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System [EES13]
  One-way type, reflection attenuation
  1-3-2.Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System  [EES14]
  Two-way type, reflection attenuation
The system can specially measure the whole surface of an emblem or any radar cover(round –trip transmission attenuation) and reflection attenuation. Frequency can be adjusted flexibly through VNA.
  Simplified version of EES-13 with fixed frequency, fit for mass production line. It can measure 2-way transmission attenuation.
1-4.Millimeter Wave Cover Beam Tilt Distribution Measurement System [RCS10]   1-5.Simulation software for designing emblem  [SFW05]
When placing an anti-collision radar behind an emblem, the transmission attenuation and tilt angle (turn angle degree) of the emblem must be reduced.
This system can visualize the status of these parameters with imaging radar.
  Transmission attenuation of up to four layers can be simulated with permittivity and magnetic permeability.
Incident angle variation, TM waves, and TE waves can also be set.

2. Far-field Transmission Attenuation measurement system

* No anechoic chamber required
2-1.Millimeter wave/Micro wave Radorm for radar and cover Transmission attenuation measurement system [RTS01]   2-2. Free Space Type Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Loss Tangent, Transmission attenuation (Permittivity, Dk/Df) Measurement equipment  [DPS10]
The system achieves high-accuracy measurement of a sample by plane wave in spite of its compactness, because of the lens installed on the antenna. You can use a small sample because the sample is set near the antenna.   Characterized by the easiness of measurement by just calibrating for zero and measuring and by accuracy that can be measured with PTFE, in comparison with s - parameter method.