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Semi-Rigid Copper Cable Assemblies

Model No. upj25
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Model No.

Feature Model No. Outside diameter Calorie
Minimum bend radius Standard insertion lossdB/m Material Usable connector
4K-20K mm (To the cable center) 1GHz 10GHz 20GHz Internal conductor Outer insulator
The insertion loss is minimum 085 2.2mmφ 334 32 3.3 10.6 15.2 Cu Cu SMA , 2.9 , 2.4 , V
The insertion loss is small 047 1.19mmφ 115 15 2.7 8.5 12.0 Cu Cu SMA , MMCX , GPO

*Calorific value required for one end of the cable (10cm long, connectors not included) to reach 20K(or 100K) when the other is thermal-anchored at 4K.