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Cryogenic (Super-Low Temperature) System

Model No. UPJ01

This is a system using a frequency of 50 GHz for testing the superconducting IC, composed of a power supply circuit, a temperature sensor, a motherboard, and a chip carrier for superconducting IC chip.

With a compact refrigerator, it provides advanced technologies such as extremely small amounts of millimeter wave attenuation and a perfect magnetic shield.

The system can be built in accordance with various applications by using cryogenic coaxial cables, dielectric waveguides for millimeter waves, motherboards for low temperatures, chip carriers, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Diagram below below shows a refrigerator example, realizing the very high performance such as refrigeration system with low power consumption of 5 W, the extremely small millimeter wave attenuation of 2 dB at 50 GHz, and the magnetic shield of one- thousandth of terrestrial magnetism.

KEYCOM can propose Cryogenic system upon your request, not only providing cryogenic(super-low temperatures)/super conductive components.

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