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Cryogenic (Super-Low Temperature) System

Model No. upj01002021207-10

KEYCOM develops systems for various applications using coaxial cables for cryogenic temperature applications, millimeterwave dielectric material waveguides, motherboards for low temperature use, chip carriers, and refrigeration units.


KEYCOM introduces 50GHz test system for superconductive IC chips, composed of power supply circuits, temperature sensors, motherboards,
and chip carriers for superconductive IC chips. Diagram and pictures below show a sample configuration using compact refrigeration unit with
low power consumption of 5W that materializes advanced technology with millimeter attenuation as low as 50G2dB and
magnetic shield up to one thousandth of terrestrial magnetism.

V(m) type connector
Semi-rigid cables for cryogenic temperature applications
Cryogenic temperature
Superconducting coaxial cables
DC bias


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