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Frequency change Method,
Free Space Type
Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Loss Tangent, Transmission attenuation
(Permittivity, Dk/Df) Measurement equipment

Model No. DPS10
Without Anechoic chamber ! Accurate solution !! Suitable for measurement of emblem, radome, tough and thick materials, metamateriasls etc.

This system measures permittivity and dielectric loss tangent in free space, eliminating a need for an anechoic chamber.
It is suitable for the measurement of samples that cannot be cut or that are thick.
This system was newly developed because the conventional free space measurement s - parameter method does not result in high accuracy.
It is characterized by the easiness of measurement by just calibrating for zero and measuring and by accuracy that can be measured with PTFE, when compared with s - parameter method.

This system employs a deduction method in the measurement on the principle that the frequency characteristics of the transmission attenuation of radio wave radiated onto a plate is dependent on εr'.
Unlike coaxial tube or waveguide type, which uses samples housed in the fixture, it does not introduce errors resulting from air gaps.

In addition, because a lens is attached to the antenna, it is compact yet can measure samples with a plane wave, resulting in a high measurement accuracy.
In addition, because the samples are placed near the antenna, they can be small.
Some models of this system can also measure the radio wave absorptivity.
With some models, beams can be focused on the sample plane.

Please see this page also : Multilayer plate Simulation software for making designs of emblem and radome.


*Measured value is accurate.
*The measurement is very simple. Sparameter method needs TRL calibration and it's time-consuming. But as for this frequency change method, you can do measurement just after 0 calibration.
*That's why you can check anisotropy of materials freely. Most of materials have anisotropy.
*Though you see ingredients of your materials are uniformly distributed, in fact, they may be not. In such case, you can check the fact quickly.
*Compared with other measurement solutions, this method can reduce limitations in test pieces. You can prepare specimens easily.


Frequency 2.6GHz to 18GHz, 18GH to 110GHz
※ A measurement frequency range in which the actual measurement value and simulation value corresponds.
Please see antennas' frequency ranges below.
εr' 1.5 to 150
Accuracy(repeated accuracy) : ±1% or ±0.01(depend on the accuyracy of network analyzer)
(Repeated accuracy) + (relative accuracy to the true value, based on PTFE) : ±3%(depends on the measurement theory and jig's design)
tan δ 0.0002~20
Accuracy(repeated accuracy) : ±2%(depend on the accuracy of network analyzer)
(Repeated accuracy) + (relative accuracy to the true value, based on PTFE) : ±5% or ±0.0001(depends on the measurement theory and jig's design)
Size of specimen 600mm x 600mm or more @2.6GHz
150mm x 150mm or more @18GHz
80mm x 80mm or more @76.5GHz
Thickness of specimen At least 1mm (a thickness enough for attenuation of radio waves)
Specimens Resin, glass, GFRP, Honeycomb materials, wood, cement, metamateials, etc..

Data example (English available)


Specimen PTFE
Thickness 4.5mm
Frequency around 80GHz (70GHz~90GHz)
Result εr' 2.05
tanδ 0.0004


Specimen Polycarbonate
Thickness 4.95mm
Frequency around 50GHz (40GHz~60GHz)
Result εr' 2.60
tanδ 0.006






LAF-26.5A, LAF-26.5B

LAF-26.5A   LAF-26.5B

Order information - Model No.

Name Specifications Model No.
Main body for 18GHz to 110GHz DPS10-01
  for 2.6GHz to 18GHz DPS10-03
  for 18GHz to 110GHz DPS10-02
  for 2.6GHz to 26.5GHz(Electric Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System EAS03) LAF-2.6A+
  for 26.5GHz to 110GHz(Electric Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System EAS03) LAF-26.5A
(with coaxial waveguide converter)
2 sets required
1.70-2.60GHz (WR-430) RH430S14SMA(f)7
  2.60-3.95GHz (WR-284) Rh284S14SMA(f)7
  3.95-5.85GHz (WR-187) RH187S16SMA(f)7
  4.90-7.05GHz (WR-159) RH159S17SMA(f)7
  5.85-8.2GHz (WR-137) RH137S18SMA(f)7
  8.2-12.4GHz (WR-90) RH90S19SMA(f)7
  12.4-18GHz (WR-62) RH62S22SMA(f)7
  18-26.5GHz (WR-42) RH42S23SMA(f)7
  33-50GHz (WR-22) RH22R23APC2.4(f)7
  26.5-40GHz (WR-28) RH28S23SMA(f)7
(with waveguide)
2 sets required
50-75GHz (WR-15) RH15S10
  75-110GHz (WR-10) RH10S10
  110-170GHz (WR-6) RH06S10
  170-260GHz (WR-4) RH04S10
  20-325GHz (WR-3) RH03S10
Calculation softwere Software for Frequency Change Method DMP-002040619-01
Multilayer plate Simulation software for making designs of emblem and radome Can estimate the return loss of absorption materials with a single layer of any thickness from the measured complex εr and complex μr. SFW05
Coaxial cable for measurement Two cables ex)CM06D-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-1000
GPIB cable   GP-01
Networkanalyzer Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.
Windows PC (installation and usage instruction service)   CP