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Noise Suppression Sheet Evaluation System
For Anechoic Chamber
Radiation Suppression Ratio Measurement System
(Rrs Measurement System)
IEC Standard No. : IEC62333-1, IEC62333-2

Model No. NSS04

A Japanese team proposed a standardization of the evaluation method of noise suppression sheet to IEC in 2003, and it was enacted in May, 2006. (KEYCOM participated as a committee member.)
KEYCOM then became one of the first companies to commercialize the measurement kit based on this evaluation method.
The kit was intended for the evaluation of electric wave absorption materials used for the prevention of oscillation and as an anti-EMI measure in cellular communication devices.
In a small container such as a cell phone, the electromagnetic wave tends to be easily distorted, or the electric field and the magnetic field exist independently and disorderly.
It is essential for an ideal electric wave absorption material to carry a large electric wave absorption rate in the near field and not to disturb the impedance of the circuit even in such a harsh environment.


 RS-01  for 200M~1GHz, measurement system
 RS-05  for 200M~5GHz, measurement system
Note: Software and cables (3m,5m total 2pieces) are included.
Network analyzer is not included. Anechoic chamber is to be supplied by customers.