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Noise Suppression Sheet Characteristics Evaluation System
(For Near-Field, Electric Wave Absorption Material Measurement System)
Radiation Suppression Ratio Measurement System
(Rrs measurement system) -Anechoic Chamber is not required

Model No. NSS05

NSS05 is a compact(1200mm x 600mm x 600mm) noise suppression characteristics evaluation system that requires no anechoic chamber.

・Measurement compliant with 3m-method and 10m-method are performable without anechoic chamber (0.5~26.5GHz).
・ Easy exchangeability of samples
・ Low attenuation, only a network analyzer is needed.

The electric wave radiated from the sample, converted to plane wave through the dielectric lens, enables your measurement to take place in short distance, therefore attenuation stays low, eliminating the necessity of additional amplifier. It also minimizes the interferences of unnecessary electric wave and thus eliminates the necessity of anechoic chamber.

It also allows you to observe the source of unnecessary electric wave radiating from the sample in
far-field by moving the sample on the XY stage.

*This measurement system was announced at the following conferences:
・ Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi, Masato Inoue, Shigeru Takeda
" Radiation Suppression Ratio Measurment of Noise Suppression sheet by Compact 3m Method "
paper#137 EMC Zurich 2007 24-28 Sept.2007
・ Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi, Masato Inoue, Shigeru Takeda
" EMI Evaluation of a Cell phone without an Anechoic Chamber "
MO-IF-3-3 EMC-in-Singapore 2008, 19-22 May 2008

Parts No.

Name Model No. Frequency range Specifications
(Lens, Lens fixing frame,
 Antennna fixing stand)
CRE-1.0A 1GHz~26.5GHz Dielectric lens type,
H=1200mm, W=1500mm, D=1500mm
CRE-0.3A 0.3GHz~26.5GHz Reflection mirror type,
H=1500mm, W=1500mm, D=1500mm
Antennna WHA1-10G 1GHz~10GHz Wideband horn (for dielectric lens type)
BCA300A 0.3GHz~1GHz  Biconical (for reflection mirror type)
Rotation stage
  (with software)
XY-02A   Moved distance : 200mmx200mm
Electric wave absorption
EMA0.5-1A05 0.5GHz~1GHz All of circumference type, for dielectric lens 
EMA0.3-1A05 0.3GHz~1GHz All of circumference type, for reflection mirror
Cable assembly
CM06A-SMA(m)SMA(m)-3m for 18.5GHz 2 pieces
calibration and graphing software
DMP-02060118-07   for vector network analyzer
GPIB cable GP-01    
Spectrum analyzer
Windows PC (with printer)    


Noise suppression sheet evaluation.  Radiation suppression ratio is measured.


Data sample