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Dielectric Waveguide Assembly for Millimeter Wave

Model No. MMT01

With its transmission part being made only of dielectrics, this dielectric waveguide assembly has characteristics of flexibility and extremely low insertion loss for millimeter waves.
It is suitable for insulation of high voltage, or between cryogenic temperature and room temperature.
(Awarded Plunkett Award by DuPont Co., US)  

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Comparison of Insertion Loss

Dielectric waveguide VS Metallic rectangular waveguide (cable length : 1m )

Model No. and Specifications (Please contact to inform us of specifications of your request.)

Waveguide Bandwidth GHz Flange Heat quantity μw/k note*1
Waveguide ( EIA standard ) Flange ( MIL standard ) 4K-20K 4K-100K
DW140A 90.0 ~ 140.0 WR- 8 UG- 387 /U ( Circle ) 11 11
DW110A 75.0 110.0 10  387 14 14
DW075A 50.0 75.0 15 385 36 36
DW050A 33.0 50.0 22 383 80 80
note*1 : Heat quantity required for one end of 10 cm long cable (excluding flanges) to reach 20 K or 100 K when 4 K heat anchor is applied to the other end of the cable.

Example of Model No.
DW110A - 03000 - 10 - 387
Dielectric waveguide type   Length ( mm )   Waveguide type   Flange type


Example of measurement data [Dielectric waveguide characteristics, both ends WR-10 flanges, length 2m ]