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High-Power Coaxial Cable Assembly for Vacuum

Model No. vcc01

Coaxial cable assembly for high power microwave applications in vacuum. It features high heat cycle resistance and leak tightness.

The lower connector area is designed to withstand high temperatures of 150°C.



Model No.

CMS   A -   -   -   -   -  
  Wmax     Connector1 type   L1 mm   Flange type   L2 mm   Connector2 type


Frequency 500MHz~1500MHz
Electric power 250Wmax~600Wmax
Connector N, 7 / 16
Heatproof temperature 150 degree (Connector 2 the upper part)
Heatproof cycle The change of the cable characteristic (reflectance) shall be equal to or less than 10% of heat cycle of 300K~1.5K(50 times).
Leak tightness There shall not be a leak of atmosphere from the flange or the coaxial cable to cryostat( Leak rate : less than 1×E-8〔Atom cc/sec〕 ).