KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

Cryogenic Millimeter-Wave / Microwave Test Fixtures and Calibration Kits

Model No. UPJ10

KEYCOM's cryogenic millimeter-wave / microwave test fixtures and calibration kits are specifically optimized for testing the performance of patterns between edges of printed boards(edge type) , and circuit testing on the printed boards(probe type).

They are also designed to minimize heat capacity by miniaturizing their dimensions so they cool off efficiently, and materials with low coefficient of linear thermal expansion such as invar are used for major parts where high dimensional stability is required.

Operating frequency ranges from DC to 110GHz.

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Products Line-up

Sample Test Fixture for Spintronics

・For Cryogenic Temperatures ・Non-Magnetic 

This is a test fixture for testing the interaction of microwave magnetic fields in a strong magnetic field, made of non-magnetic material to test the interaction with microwave magnetic fields in strong magnetic fields.

Magnetic Probes

Stripline, Straight-Type Stripline, Two-Step Type

Versatile Test Fixture and Motherboards

Crimping-Type Motherboard
for Low Temperatures

This is a type to be pushed against a daughterboard
Insertion-Type Motherboard
for Low Temperatures

This is a type in which sliding the daughter board into the motherboard


Measurement Example

Calibration Kit

 Left : Coplanar type          Right : Microstrip line type

Ordering Information (Please inform us of details of your request, feel free to ask questions)

Magnetic Probes

Part No. Product name Range of frequency Sample Size(mm)
LME-04-Probe-close Magnetic Probe(Crossed type,0.5mm strip) DC to 18GHz 5(W) x 5(L) x 0.5(H)
LME-05-Probe-close Magnetic Probe(Crossed type,1.0mm strip) DC to 6GHz 5(W) x 5(L) x 0.5(H)

Versatile Test Fixture and Motherboard

Part No. Product name Range of frequency Sample Size(mm)
UPJ10MTFE7511W Edge-Type Test Fixture for Low Temperatures DC to 110GHz  
TF1X-02 Crimping-Type Motherboard for Low Temperatures DC to 20GHz  
TF1X-03 Insertion-Type Motherboard for Low Temperatures DC to 40GHz  

Cryogenic Test Fixtures 

Note) Waveguide inputs of all bands are available.
Model No.Type Range of frequency Input and output
UPJ10MTFEDC40C   Edge    DC    -    40    GHz    Coax
UPJ10MTFEDC65C     65
UPJ10MTFEDC11C     110
UPJ10MTFE8595W     85    95    Waveguide
UPJ10MTFE7511W     75    110
UPJ10MTFPDC40C    Probe    DC    40    Coax
UPJ10MTFPDC65C     65
UPJ10MTFPDC11C     110

Cryogenic calibration kit

Model No. Configurations Type Range of frequency
UPJ10-OSL-4000 Open,Short,Load DC~40 GHz
UPJ10-OSL-5000 DC~50
UPJ10-TRL-50CO TRL Coplanar 50 GHz band
UPJ10-TRL-50MS Microstrip line
UPJ10-TRL-60CO Coplanar 60
UPJ10-TRL-60MS Microstrip line
UPJ10-TRL-76CO Coplanar 76
UPJ10-TRL-76MS Microstrip line
UPJ10-TRL-94CO Coplanar 94
UPJ10-TRL-94MS Microstrip line
UPJ10-TRL-11CO Coplanar 110
UPJ10-TRL-11MS Microstrip line

Calibration graphing software

 Model No. Detail
 UPJ10-DMP-3000  For Vector network analyzer
 UPJ10-DMP-3100  For Scalar network analyzer
 UPJ10-DMP-3200  For Synthesized sweeper