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Shield Effect Measurement System for Cables,
Crosstalk Type:

System No. SEM04

Model No. sem 04002021210-03

Complying with the crosstalk method, SEM04 is capable of measuring the shield effect effectively.
·It supports wide variety of cables from coaxial cables to multi-core cables.
·It prevents mismatching caused by the characteristic impedance difference with a 10dB pad.

Parts No.

Product name Parts No.
Shield kit for measurement (pipe + Coaxial receiver cable) SCC-20-01(300KHz-10GHz)
Connection cable CM06D-AA-1500 (1.5m) 2set
Fixing stand ST-1A
Measurement software, calculation and display DMP-82
GPIB cable GP-01 
A vector network analyzer or scalar network analyzer and a Windows PC required.


Data sample