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Shield Effect Measurement System for Cable

Model No. SEM03

SEM03 is a MIL-C-85485A compliant standard measurement method,
effective for coaxial cable and the multi-core cable evaluation.
It compensates the result with the value of the characteristic impedance.

Parts No.

Product name Parts No. Specifications
Shield kit for measurement
(with GPC7 connecter)
SC1.5D 1.5D coaxial cable (300KHz~6GHz)
(300KHz~1GHz with cables other than 1.5D coaxial cable)
  SC10 For cables less than 10mm φ (300KHz~1GHz)
(With a spacer for maintenance of eccentricity within 70%)
  CC-50 Measurement kit for connector
Measurement cable CM06D-AA-1500 (2 pieces)  
Fixing stand ST-1A  
Calculation and display programs DMP-81  
GPIB cable GP-01  
A vector network analyzer or scalar network analyzer and a Windows PC required.


Measurment Kit for Connector CC-50

Data sample