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Shield Effect Measurement System, Coaxial Tube Type
Model No. SEM01

Model No. sem01002011015-01

SEM01 complies with ASTM D4935, and is capable of measuring shield effect with plane wave with high accuracy.

·Dynamic range over 100dB (depends on VNA).
·152D, 39D, 20D and GPC7 coaxial type.
·Data can be saved in Excel format, and reproduced graphically.

How to measure

Calibrate the network analyzer and the measurement kit by thru mode with the two center conductors connected.
Then, insert your sample shield and measure S21 or passage level.
This value represents the shield effect.


Example Data

Model number and Option Parts number

Parts number

Parts No. Product name Sample thickness Frequency
S-152D-ES7 Shield effect measurement kit   12~800MHz (ASTM ES7)
S-39D-D4935 Shield effect measurement kit ( ASTM D4935 ) 0.2mm maximum 
(depend on sample)
45M~3GHz (ASTM D4935)
S-39D-ES7 Add-on Shield effect measurement kit ( Additional kit )   10kHz~3GHz (ASTM ES7)
S-GPC7 Shield effect measurement kit 0.2mm maximum 
(depend on sample)
500M~18GHz (ASTM D4935, ASTM ES7)
C-39D-D4935 39D Sample punching device for D4935    
C39D-ES7 39D Sample punching device for ES7    
CGPC7-D4935 GPC7 Sample punching device for D4935    
CGPC7-ES7 GPC7 Sample punching device for ES7    
DMP-11 Measurement software    
VNA Vector network analyzer or Scalar network analyzer
Available upon request . Please request the model of your choice.
PC Windows PC (with printer)    
GP-01 GPIB cable    

Packing information

Measurement kit Approximate dimensions, weight (there's a possibility to change)
S-39D 1set W600xD300xH400mm, 10kg
S-GPC7 1set W380xD320xH280mm, 3kg