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Microwave, Vertical Type Permittivity (Dielectric constant), Dielectric Loss Tangent and Transmission Attenuation Measurement System:
System No. RTS03

Model No. rts03

RTS03 measures relative permittivity (dielectric constant), dielectric loss tangent in the frequency range between 5GHz and 26.5GHz based on a correlation between measurement frequency and transmission attenuation as the microwave passes through the flat plane sample.
Unlike coaxial or waveguide type, errors air gap do not occur because the sample is not capsulated in the fixture. 
Despite its compact dimensions, your sample can be measured with plane wave because the lenses are attached to the antennas, providing high measurement accuracy.
*Measurement value is the average value in the measurement frequency range.
*This system in not intended for the purpose of reflection attenuation measurement of electric wave absorber.
Please refer to Microwave, Permittivity, Dielectric Loss Tangent and Transmission Attenuation Measurement System (RTS04).

Measurement frequency and sample size

Measurement frequency 5GHz~26.5GHz
Sample size Less than 100mm x 100mm

Data sample

Transmission attenuation loss is shown graphically
over Y axis=freq.
Multiple graphs are shown simultaneously.  
Then εr', tanδ will be calculated by software.
Easy operations for print and saving.




Parts No. and specifications

Product Name Description   Parts No.
Body Lens, Lens fixed frame, Antenna fixed stand,
Metallic board for calibration
(with coaxial waveguide converter)
WR-42 type 18-26.5GHz RH42S23SMA(f)7
WR-62 type 12.4-18GHz RH62S22SMA(f)7
WR-90 type 8.2-12.4GHz RH90S19SMA(f)7
WR-137 type 5.85-8.2GHz RH137S18SMA(f)7
WR-159 type 4.90-7.05GHz RH159S17SMA(f)7
Measurement software, relative permittivity, dielectric loss tangent and transmission attenuation     DMP-002081219-04
Cable for micro wave     CM06D-APC2.9(m)
GPIB cable     GP-01