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Alanine dosimetry ESR(EPR) equipment

Model No. esr31

It is the portable ESR( electron spin resonance) device which KEYCOM Co., Ltd. developed.
It is for alanine dosimetry.
It specializes a measurement for an alanine origin radical.
It conforms to JIS standard (JIS Z4571).
It is the device more compact for high sensitivity than the general-purpose device by setting microwave frequency in 9.8GHz, 350 resonance magnetic field mT.
We realized through PC control and succeeded in what we used the Mn2+ signal which became inside standard and adopted for revision of magnetic field strength and the absorption strength.

      ESR X10SA Version2 Alanine molecule.
Amino group (NH2-) in the molecule comes off by high energy irradiation and I become radical and show a special ESR spectrum.
The method of estimating the exposed dose measuring this amount of the radical is called ESR dosimeter.



• It is very compact size (28(W) x 26(D) x 35(H)cm). It is the portable ESR device, easy to use on the site.
• It has the measurement sensitivity more than standard type X band ESR system.
• The miniaturization of about 27kg in weight was achieved by the adoption such as rare permanent magnets.
• That is, for process monitoring, desktop PC by ESR handheld sensor, remote measurement, and utility applications.
• Single target specification: We design the magnetic field, the frequency, and the output, etc. according to your requirement.


Measurement by PC

If You connect a PC on hand and turn on a power supply, Resonator Adjusting Window appears automatically, and measurement operation is started.



    Mesurement window


• The resonance characteristic is adjusted with Resonator Adjust Window, the measurement condition is controlled with Condition Setting Window, and after the setting, everything is controlled with Measurement Window.
• It multiplies according to the purpose, and the blank data and the correction, etc. are set.
• The moving average can be selected.
• Data processing (height h of the peak and one time & integration etc. twice) can be specified.
• A target point is read in the cursor line. (Refer to the chart. )
• The automatic compensation of magnetic field strength can be done at the signal position of Mn2 +.


Example of measuring alanine origin radical

Making of ESR spectrum and noise by multiplication measurement of unirradiation and alanine film that irradiates 26Gy (3 times and 50 times) (GAIN x 1000) decrease   (document)Excerpt from industrial Tokyo metropolitan technological laboratory research report the 7th (2004) and 49-56



Sample tube (standard) 5φ Quartz sample tube
Sample setting Prescribed sample holder and stopper
Microwave frequency 9.8 GHz (JIS)
Microwave output 0.1-10 mW (JIS)
Magnetic field setting area 350 mT
Width of magnetic field sweep 20 mT (JIS)
Magnetic field sweep speed 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 min
Signal amplification level Analog amplification: x1, x10, x100, x1000 (4-step switch),
Digital amplification: x1, x2, x5 (3-step switch)
Signal output area ± 10 V
PC environment Windows PC,  Data recorded in CSV style
Size 28(W) × 26(D) × 35(H) cm
Basic machine weight About 27 Kg
Power supply (standard) AC 100 V,  120 W max.