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ESR(EPR) measurement system for magnetic property

Model No. esr05002061101-07

This system is for the magnetic materials, especially the best for the research such as Spintoronics and Quantum dots technology.
・ It has the measurement sensitivity more than that of standard type X band ESR system, because it uses ferromagnetic resonance(FMR) .
・ You can rotate the specimen by two axis accurately, and can incline the specimen.
・ You can change the static magnetic field from zero to high magnetic field up to 500 mT.


Detection sensitivity 1μM TEMPOL water Solution : S/N≥10
Microwave frequency 9.6 GHz
MIcrowave strength 4mW, 80mW
Magnetic field strength 340mT
Magnetic field sweep width 0-500mT
Specimen rotation, Inclination Horizontal rotation 180 degrees and resolution 1 degree
Vertical rotation 180 degrees and resolution 1 degree
Inclination 2 degrees or less and resolution 0.1 degrees
Control and measuring soft environment For Windows PC, It records the data in CSV form
System including power supply 28(W)× 26(D)× 35(H)cm in size, about 30kg in weight
Electromagnet unit 100kg
Power supply (standard) AC100V, 1kW

Model No.

Name Model No. Specifications
Main body unit and power supply unit ESR05-X10S  
Electromagnet unit ESR05-J  
Liquid transportation unit LP-01  
Software SOP-01 Operation software for liquid measurement
SOP-02 Operation software for irradiated food measurement
SSOP-01 Software for ESR analysis
Notebook-sized Windows PC (with printer) PC-01