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Lens Antenna Method, Vertical Incidence Type
Electric Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System
JIS R1679 : 2007/IEC 62431 : 2008

System No. EAS07

Model No. eas07002981027-10

EAS07 is a vertical measurement system for evaluations of the electric wave absorbers and shield materials. Unlike coaxial or waveguide type, errors by air gap do not occur because the sample is not capsulated in the fixture. Despite its compact dimensions, your sample can be measured with plane wave because the lenses are attached to the antennas, providing high measurement accuracy. Samples can be smaller than conventional systems because they can be placed in the vicinity of the antennas.

JIS R1679 : 2007
IEC 62431 : 2008


Frequency range 2.6-26.5GHz
Specimen size Larger than 400mm×400mm
Device size Height : 1m , weight : 80kg
* The higher the measurement frequency is, the smaller the samples can be.
*By applying the gate beyond the lenses closer to the sample, electric wave absorption rate as low as approx. -50dB is measurable, using a standard vector network analyzer.
* Sample is placed on the inside stage.

Ordering information

Name Frequency range Parts No.
Body (Lens, Lens fixed frame, Antennna fixed stand,Metallic board for calibration) 2.6-26.5GHz LAFS-2.6A
Antenna (with coaxial waveguide converter) 18-26.5GHz (WR-42) RH42S23SMA(f)5
12.4-18GHz (WR-62) RH62S22SMA(f)5
8.2-12.4GHz (WR-90) RH90S19SMA(f)5
5.85-8.2GHz (WR-137) RH137S18SMA(f)5
4.90-7.05GHz (WR-159) RH159S17SMA(f)5
3.95-5.85GHz (WR-187) RH187S16SMA(f)5
2.60-3.95GHz (WR-284) RH284S14SMA(f)5
Measurement software, calibration and graphing   DMP-20
Microwave cable and adaptor    
Electric wave absorption material
(for small sample)
GPIB cable   GP-01
Vector network analyzer,
spectrum analyzer + synthesizer
Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.
Windows PC (with printer) Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.


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