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Single Layer Type / Multi-layer Type,
Electric Wave Absorber,
Return Loss Simulation Software

Model No. EAS01

EAS01 optimizes two variables voluntarily selected among εr', εr'', μr', μr'', thickness of sample and the frequency.
The distributions of the return loss values are represented in contour as shown below.
It will allow you to obtain the most optimized εr, μr, or sample thickness by repeating the process several times on various combinations.
* Return loss calculation in various combinations of εr', εr'', μr', μr'', sample thickness and the frequencies
* Visualization and partial magnification
* GUI and data exportable to Excel
* Runs on Windows

Model No.

Model No. Type
SAR-01 Single layer type
SAR-02 Multi-layer type

Example images

Single layer type
Multi-layer type