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Propagation delay mode Cut Back type
Coplanar line method
dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent(Dk/Df)
measurement system

Model No. DPS07

In the range of 500MHz-65GHz, this system measures dileltric constant and dielectric loss tangent of liquids.
The measuring is made to cover the coplanar with a liquid of 0.2mm(approx.) thick.
The system leads to measure of dielectric constant and dielectic loss tangent of the liquid from the effective tanδ and effective dielectric constant of the dielectric forming the liquid and the coplanar line with a built-in electro magnetic field simulation of the coplanar line.
It also evaluates voltage dependence of dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of liquid crystal and the like by impressing Bias.

It consist of the Cut Back method using a propagation line and the merits are as follows.
*Decrease of unclearly diverged loss compared to the Probing method.
*Improvement of characteristic impedance equality
*Simplification of measurement
*Improvement of accuracy
The test kit for the Cut Back is designed to obtain characteristic impedance of 50Ω when the liquid specimen dropped.


Measurement frequency 500MHz~65GHz

Model No.

Name Specifications Model No.
Test kit for the coplanar Cut Back (1set) Connector, Calibration propagation line, Test propagation line CBC-05
  Coaxial cable with connector for 40GHz 500mm (2sets) CM06D-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-0500
  Coaxial cable with connector for 65GHz 500mm CM03G-V(m)V(m)-0500
Support board(1set)   KM-02
Program for Cut Back Program for Coplanar type Cut Back DMP-15
Vector network analyzer   When it is not possession, We will arrange.
Please inform us when there is a model for which you hope.
Windows PC, and printer    
GPIB cable   GP-01


Possible to impress Bias with Bias T
Possible to set conditions by inputting parameter of Coplanar .
*Gap between conductors
*Dielectric width of circuit board
*Conductor thickness
*Specimen thickness

Data sample (English version available)