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Propagation delay mode cut back type
Free space method
dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent(Dk/Df)
measurement system

Model No. DPS06
In the range of 500MHz-40GHz this system measures dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of the materials which have dielectric constant of 1.05-500.
Especially it greatly contributes to large loss specimens.


Measurement frequency 500MHz~40GHz
Characteristics of specimen Dielectric constant : 1.05~500 Accuracy ±5%
Dielectric loss tangent : 0.001~5

Model No.

Name Model No.
Test kit for the cut back method(1 set) CBC-04
Coaxial cable with APC 2.9(m)connector for 40GHz 3m
(2 pecies)
Program for the cut back method (1 set) DMP-14
Vector network analyzer When it is not possession, We will arrange.
Please inform us when there is a model for which you hope.
Windows PC and printer When it is not possession, We will arrange.
GPIB cable GP-01


Data sample (English version available)