KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

Capacitance Method,
Flat Plate, Liquid, Gel, Ultra Thin Film, Compound Film,
Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System(Dk/Df)

Model No. DPS17
High accurate measurement! Customizing to measurement requests (correspondence to high temperature) is available.

KEYCOM’s capacitance method/system is ideal for dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent measurement of flat plane, liquid, or gel and capable of taking measurements in the temperature range from liquid nitrogen or -70 to 400 degrees Celsius.
Different types of electrodes are available for specific materials of specimens; DPT-009 for plate, thin film, gel, DPT-012, DPT-013-050 and DPT-013-200 for liquid, and DPT-2141 for ceramic insulators.
DPS17 can be interfaced with, and controlled by your PC, automating time-consuming temperature/humidity characteristics measurement.

*Windows PC is required.
*Thermostat chamber is required for temperature above or below room temperature.

ASTM D-150, JIS C2101, JIS C2141, JIS K6911 JIS C 2111 28.1.2 (Bmethod) etc. Compliant.
(Please specify the standard of your request)


Measurement frequency 1цHz ~ 10MHz (varies depending on LCR meters)

Dielectric constant (εr') : 1.05-1000 
Precision(repeatability) : ±1% or ±0.01(depend on LCR meter. This rate is when measured by the LCR meter ex. below.)
Precision + accuracy(to true value) : ±3%(depend on measurement theory and design of positioning tool)

Dielectric loss tangent (tanδ) : 0.0003-10@1MHz
Precision(repeatability) : ±2%(depend on LCR meter. Left rate is whene measured by the LCR meter ex. below.)
Precision+accuracy(to true value) : ±3%(depend on measurement theory and design of positioning tool. This rate on the left is when measured with DPT-2141)

*Example of LCR meter:

Basic measurement accuracy 0.05%
AC amplitude voltage 5mV-2Vrms
DC bias voltage ±40V
Impedance measurement range 1mΩ-100MΩ
Capacitance measurement range 1pF-0.01F

Measurement temperature
(Jig dependent)

10k ~ 300˚C
*Please consult with your KEYCOM representative for more details.
*KEYCOM will suggest an appropriate cryostat of 10k~ based on its expertise in cryogenic products.

- Measurement executed automatically
- Measurement up to 100MHz is possible by modifying electrode configuration

Model No.

Name Description Frequency Model No.
Capacitance meter (main body)
20Hz-2MHz / Please inform us of your frequency request.
Measurement electrode
※ When you have a request
about temperature change,
please let us know.
Electrode for flat plate, liquid,and gel. 1цHz ~ 10MHz DPT-009
Dielectric constant accurate measurement tool for liquid
(JIS compliant : JIC C2101)
1цHz ~ 100kHz DPT-012
Pipe type electrode for liquid measurement
(sample capacity, 50cc type)
1цHz ~ 5MHz DPT-013-050
Pipe type electrode for liquid measurement
(sample capacity, 200cc type)
1цHz ~ 5MHz DPT-013-200
Electrode for flat plate( JIS C 2141) 1цHz ~ 1MHz DPT-2141
In addition, KEYCOM manufactures optimum electrode according to your request.
Dielectric constant analysis software
Excel processable   DMP-002040705-05
USB type GPIB interface For connecting PC and mesurement device   GP-01
Windows PC with printer     CP
Temperature (&Humidity) Chamber Please let us know your requet. We will pick up recommendable models.   TCOV-03
Software for a temperature chamber     DMP-X

Test example

*Measurement result is processed by PC and shown graphically, and
numerical values are filed to be manipulated on EXCEL.

Sample shapes and electrode Configurations

DPT-009  DPT-012
80mm φ × 180mm height  Note) cables included  JIS-C2101 Compliant     Note) cables included
Sample shape Size and amount Capacitance
(when empty)
Sheet 50μm - 2mm in thickness
Liquid Volume more than 50cc
Liquid, gel more than 1cc    

DPT-013 DPT-2141
Note) cables included JIS-C2141 Compliant   Note) cables included
with standard specimen
Model No. Liquid capacity Size Sample shape Size
DPT-013-050 50cc type 30mm φ × 100mm Seat, plate Size based on JIS-C2141
Ultra-thin film ~ 3mm thick, larger than 37mmφ
DPT-013-200 200cc type 34mm φ × 150mm