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Resonance method micro strip line type
for sheet and ultra thin sheet
dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent measurement system(Dk/Df)

Model No. DPS01

This is a test system for dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent where the material dielectric loss is relatively small in the vicinity of 1 to 20 in the frequency range of 800 MHz to 14GHz.
We follow the ASTMD3380-75 Standard method of Test for Permittivity (Dielectric Constant) and Dissipation Factor of Plastic-Based Microwave Circuit Substrates and IPC-L-125 Specification for Plastic Substrates, Clad or Unclad, for High Speed / High Frequency Interconnections.

・H.Suzuki,  "Microwave measurment of complex permittivity of thick plate by placing the material under test on a microstripline resonator " Eu Mc 21-4, 2006, Manchester, uk


Frequency 800MHz~14GHz
Dielectric Constant (εr') 1.05-20 Accuracy ±7%
Dielectric loss tangent (tanδ) 0.001-0.05
Sheet thickness 10μm~0.5mm, 0.5~50mm

Model No.

Name Specifications Model No. Sample Dimension
Fixture Base Board 250mm (Length) × 130mm (width) × 50mm (Height) FS-01  
Resonator Frequency Range 900MHz  R-0.9A 50×150mm
Frequency Range 2GHz  R-2A 30×80mm
Frequency Range 5GHz R-5A 10×30mm
Frequency Range 10GHz R-10A 10×20mm
Resonance Program
(Composite dielectric material translation software, εr, and tanδ calculation software)
Vector Network Analyzer Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.
Coaxial cable for measurement   CM06D-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-500 : 2set
Personal computer with Window, Printer      
GPIB Cables (0.5m) 2set   GP-01  

Maximum 14 GHz can be achieved
*Resonance frequency is without sample. When sample is laid Resonance frequency becomes lower.
*Calibration Resonator comes as a set with the testing resonator.



Test example (English version available)