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Circular Disk Resonator Type
Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Loss Tangent(Dk/Df)
Measurement System

Model No. DPS51

DPS51 is a resonance method, circular disk type dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent measurement system optimized for sheet materials with dielectric constant of approximately 1.05 to 10 and relatively small dielectric loss in the frequency range of 3GHz to 70GHz. This measurement technique was announced at 2012 IEEE IMS.
Hirosuke Suzuki, Masato Inoue "Complex Permittivity Multi-Frequency Measurements for Dielectric Sheets Using a Circular Disk Resonator" 2012 IMS2012 THPB-1


Place a sample on 2 different PCB resonators and overlay the metal lid on each to apply pressure, and take measurements twice.
This method will

  1. Eliminate the fringing effect
  2. Eliminate conductor loss of resonator
  3. Eliminate the necessity for creating resonance pattern
  4. Generate an electric field perpendicular to the sample sheet


Frequency 3GHz~70GHz
Dielectric Constant (εr') 1.05-10 Accuracy ±2%
Dielectric loss tangent (tanδ) 0.001-0.05 Accuracy ±4%
Sheet thickness 50μm~2mm

Model No.

Name Model no. Frequency range Sample size
Pressure type fixture ( w/ pressure sensor for constant load, digital indicator) FS-03    
Resonator ( measurement+calibration+fixture)
*Supprots up to 14GHz
*Resonance frequency without sample. Resonance frequency is lower with sample
RR3A 3GHz - 10GHz 70mm×70mm
RR10A 10GHz - 30GHz 50mm×50mm
RR30A 30GHz - 70GHz 40mm×40mm
Software, circular disk type for Windows
(Complex dielectric conversion software)
Coaxial cable EF085G-V(m)V(m)-300mm x 2    
GPIB interface GP-01    
Vector network analyzer Available upon request    
Windows PC (w/ printer) Available upon request    



Test example (English version available)