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Ellipsometry Method, Dielectric Constant and Permeability Measurement System(Dk/Df)

Model No. DPS02

Because this system is designed for a scalar measurement, it does not require an expensive vector network analyzer.
It measures the changes of the amplitude values in the polarization reflected by the sample, followed by a calculation of complex relative permittivety and complex permeability.
Unlike coaxial or waveguide type, errors by air gap do not occur because the sample is not capsulated in the fixture. Despite its compact dimensions, your sample can be measured with plane wave because the lenses are attached to the antennas, providing high measurement accuracy. Samples can be smaller than conventional systems because they can be placed in the vicinity of the antennas. εr' and μr at required frequencies are measurable.


Frequency 26.5-110GHz
εr', μr 1.05-50, Accuracy ±7%
εr'', μr'' 

0.01-10, Accuracy ±15%

Size of specimen Larger than 100mm × 200mm
Sample thickness Less than 20mm
‧The higher the measurement frequency is, the smaller the size of your sample can be.

Model No.

Name Specifications Model No.
Main body Lens, Lens fixed frame, Antennna fixed frame, Antennna fixed Stand, Metallic board for calibration LAF-18A
Antenna (waveguide connection type),
2 sets required
WR-10 type (75-110GHz) RH10R23
  WR-15 type (50-75GHz) RH15R23
  WR-22 type (33-50GHz) RH22R23
Antenna (coaxial line connection type),
2 sets required
WR-28 type (26.5-40GHz) RH28S23SMA(f)7
Antenna rotating part 2 sets, control system   AR-01

Eripsometore method, Control and calculation software

Cable for millimeterwave, adaptor    
Windows PC, printer Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.
Scalar network analyzer
GPIB interface    GP-01