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Frequency change method
Coaxial tube and waveguide type
Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Loss Tangent
Measurement equipment [Permittivity, Dk/Df]

Model No. DPS09
This system can measure small size samples ! Suitable for measurement of low loss materials !

This is a closed type measurement system for small size samples and low loss materials. Because of its principle, some space can be made between a sample and jig, so the accuracy may be down. But this method covers unique measurement frequency range.

Please see this page if you want to measure high loss materials and Df simultaniously


Frequency 10MGz - 110GHz
※ A measurement frequency range in which the actual measurement value and simulation value corresponds.
εr' 1.50~500 accuracy ±3%
tan δ 0.001~20 accuracy ±20% / ±0.001

Data example (English available)

  Frequency change mothod Perturbation Method
Specimen MC nyron 30mm MC nyron
Frequency 0.1GHz - 3GHz 1GHz
εr' 3.10 @ 1GHz 3.09
tanδ 0.019 @ 1GHz 0.0160

Order information - Model No.

Name Specifications Model No.
Coaxial tube type measurement kit For 39D (measurement frequency range 10M - 3GHz)
Size of sample : outside diameter 38.91~ 38.95mmφ, inside diameter 16.02 ~ 16.06φ


  For GPC7 (measurement frequency range 500M - 18GHz)
Size of sample : outside diameter 6.93 ~ 6.96mmφ, inside diameter 3.06 ~ 3.10φ
Wave guide type measurement kit For WR770(measurement frequency range 0.96 - 1.7GHz)
Size of sample : 195.5 x 97.7mm
  For WR430 (measurement frequency range 1.7 - 2.6GHz)
Size of sample : 109.2 x 54.6mm
  For WR284 (measurement frequency range 2.6 - 3.95GHz)
Size of sample : 72.1 x 34.0mm
  For WR187 (measurement frequency range 3.95 - 5.85GHz)
Size of sample : 47.5 x 22.1mm
  For WR137 (measurement frequency range 5.85 - 8.2GHz)
Size of sample : 34.82 x 15.76mm
  For WR90 (measurement frequency range 8.2 - 12.4GHz)
Size of sample : 22.83 x 10.13mm
  For WR62 (measurement frequency range 12 - 18GHz)
Size of sample : 15.76 x 7.86mm
  For WR42 (measurement frequency range 18 - 26.5GHz)
Size of sample : 10.63 x 4.28mm
  For WR28 (measurement frequency range 26.5 - 40GHz)
Size of sample : 7.08 x 3.52mm
  For WR19 (measurement frequency range 40-60GHz)
Size of sample : 4.74 x 2.35mm
  For WR12 (measurement frequency range 61 - 90Hz)
Size of sample : 3.06 x 1.51mm
  For WR10 (measurement frequency range 90 - 110GHz)
Size of sample : 2.00 x 1.98mm
Fixture device for coaxial tube Calibration / measurement kit, accurate mounting fixture for coaxial tube 03KO
Calcuration software (windows) Frequency change method programm DMP-002040619-01
Coaxtial cable for measurement Transmission mode : 2 cables Ex.) CM06D-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-1000
GPIB cable   GP-01
Network analyzer Available upon request. Please request the model of your choice. VNA
Windows PC (installation and usage instruction service)   CP